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This Modern Tie Set features the GeoHex tie which boasts a shimmery silver weave intermingled with dark and light speckles. Near the tip of the GeoHex there is a subtle hexagonal pattern in a dark gray stitch that seemingly climbs up the tie from the base. This stitch carefully hints at the careful detail and sophistication placed on the design and delivery of this tie. Accompanying the GeoHex is a sharp geo knot in a matching gray tone.

This Modern Tie Set works best when worn with Navy, Burgundy, Black, Beige or Gray.

Each tie is made from the finest 100% silk designed in the USA and delivered in a modern 2.5 inch blade width.


1- GeoHex Tie

1- Sharp Gray Top Knot


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To ensure the perfect fit, measure starting at the hollow of your throat and ending at the lowest point you want your tie to hit.