Are Traditional Neckties Dangerous?

Big city life can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the risk of crime. It’s not like we can turn to our favorite superheroes for help. However, Modern Tie has come up with a great solution –Break-Away Ties™– that makes looking spiffy worry free! Now you can stay safe in style without having to deploy Superman pjs as your extra armor against danger – no capes required! Let's learn more about this ingenious product and how it works.


How Break-Away Ties™ Work

Break-Away Ties™ are designed to provide protection in a stylish package. The ties have a specially designed break-away knot that can be quickly released by pulling on the back of the tie and releasing the knot. The design features two clips that allow you to quickly unclasp the tie from your shirt or collar, making it easy to escape from any dangerous situation. When released, the tie separates into two parts, leaving one person with one piece of the tie while you run away with the other piece. This allows you to escape without risking getting caught in your own accessory.


How Do You Reattach It?

Reattaching your Break-Away Tie is just as easy as releasing it in an emergency situation. All you have to do is line up both pieces of the tie and press them together until they click into place securely. No special tools or knowledge are needed; simply use your hands and fingers for a quick reattachment process! Additionally, Modern Tie offers accessories such as replacement clips so that you can continue using your Break-Away Tie for years to come.


Modern Tie's Break-Away Ties™ offer a unique combination of style and security for people living in big cities or other urban areas who are at risk of potential crime or violence. Instead of worrying about how you look all day long, now you can stay safe in style thanks to this fantastic protective accessory - no capes required! So if you're looking for an ingenious way to keep yourself safe while still looking sharp, consider investing in some Break Away Ties™ today!