the knot

This portion of the tie features a simulated knot shape that on the back has an open pocket that slides over the top button of your button up shirt. The shape is designed to neatly tuck under the collars. Because of the slide functionality and the button being outside of the collar, it's super lightweight and comfortable.


The Knot and The Tie both feature high strength magnets. This results in a snap sound when changing tie styles. Until you personally try this the awesomeness doesn't fully register. It really is cool!



Best Gift! 

I got this as a gift and absolutely love them! 

Black Starter Pack

Most Anyone Has Ever Complimented My Tie!

In the month that I've owned this tie I've worn it out 4 or 5 times. Each time at least 3 people mentioned they liked my tie. Seeing that the knot is a totally different material than the tie portion makes it really pop. Then when they ask I detach the tie and laugh because they all have the same startled reaction. Really fun product. I've been very happy I purchased on Kickstarter!

Nick Harris
Las Vegas, Nevada

My husband was that guy with the cool product!

We went to church yesterday and all the 15 - 20 year olds loved my husbands Modern Tie! Then we went to the next meeting and all the adults thought it was just as cool. Funny how an overlooked often hated tie is now a noticeable fashion accessory. Could my husband get a promo code that he can share to get discounts on his next purchases?

Julie Smith
Ogden, Utah

This is genius!

My teenage son refuses to wear a tie. To my surprise he wore this with a Hurley button up to school. This is no small feat. Thank You for creating an awesome product!

Evening Out Party Set

get started with a best seller

This is the ultimate black tie event statement piece. Turn heads and make an impression with this best seller!

Sharp Obsidian - Solid Black Tie Set -
Sharp Obsidian - Solid Black Tie Set -
Sharp Obsidian - Solid Black Tie Set -

Black Silk - Breakaway Set (Customer Fav)

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A solid silk tie with subtle netted texture, and a hint dark thread undertones. This Tie set Provides sophistication and style. This classy tie and knot set combines a geo inspired black sharp top knot with a solid obsidian black net weave slim width tie. 

Package Contents:

Product Details

  • Top Knot Tie Set: (includes knot and tie single)
  • Material: Silk
  • Width: 2.75”
  • Length: Measure from top button to where you would like the tip to fall at the appropriate length
  • Handmade For Supreme Quality
  • Occasion: Work, wedding, party, church
  • Why Modern Tie: style, comfort, ease, speed, safety, style, fun
  • How To: Slide knot over shirt’s top button, and insert any Modern Tie single.

Each tie is made from the finest 100% silk designed in the USA and delivered in a modern 2.75-inch blade width. Two nickel-plated Neodymium Magnets secure connection with over 12 lbs of force. Midnight black