• Best Fathers Day Gift of 2019!

    Best Fathers Day Gift of 2019!

    Fathers Day is such a wonderful time to remember all the things we love about our Dads! This Fathers Day you can give your Dad a gift that will continue giving every time he needs to wear a Tie. Dad’s have so many things to worry about, what they can fix with duct tape, or constantly checking the thermostat. Give your Dad a break...
  • Tied to the Cause

    Tied to the Cause

    Modern Tie was recently featured in the Daily Herald Newspaper.  The Smith Brothers care very much about the Opioid Crisis that is sweeping America.   Below is the Story:  Ryan and Daniel Smith, brothers who co-founded the company Modern Tie, seem like fairly normal businessmen. They’re friendly, driven, economical and well-dressed. Their product, a tie that comes in two pieces — a “knot” made out...
  • Modern Tie - Worlds First Magnetic Necktie

    Modern Tie - Worlds First Magnetic Necktie

    Modern Tie is the Worlds first magnetic necktie. It was designed to be able to mix and match the styles quickly.  How we were able to achieve this is by adding two magnets.  The first magnet has a hidden compartment inside the unit knot that is hidden.  The second magnet connects to the tie portion.  With the strong pull of these magnets we are...
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