Best Fathers Day Gift of 2019!

Fathers Day is such a wonderful time to remember all the things we love about our Dads! This Fathers Day you can give your Dad a gift that will continue giving every time he needs to wear a Tie. Dad’s have so many things to worry about, what they can fix with duct tape, or constantly checking the thermostat. Give your Dad a break this year and get him the Modern Tie.

Modern Ties make it so Dad can relax and slip the Modern Tie over his top button on his dress shirt and he is off to the races. Never again will you have to see your dad with that crazy old Tabasco tie.


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Now you might be thinking… a tie for Dad. YES, usually a Tie is quite a lame gift that won’t be used. But this is not your average necktie. This is a Modern Tie that can easily and quickly be changed from look to look. Most importantly save dads neck. With Modern Ties there is no material going around your dad’s neck. This makes it so he can breathe much easier and relax on those occasions he needs to wear a tie.


Top 7 Reason why Modern Tie is the perfect Fathers Day Gift!

1 – I have a Dad, and He LOVES his Modern Ties

2 – Finding Dad a gift he will Love is hard, with Modern Tie you take the stress out of everything, you simply pick the styles you know he will like.

3 – Make up for being a pain in the neck all those years by giving the new technology of Modern Ties that will save the material around the neck.

4 – When you give Dad a Modern Tie he becomes the “Cool” Dad when he wears the Modern Ties around. When he pops the tie out he will be a hit.

5 – Every guy loves a new gadget. Modern Tie is the Worlds First Ever Magnetic Necktie. Enough Said.

6 – Give your Dad a Modern Tie for Fathers Day so Every Time he gets ready he thinks about his child that gave him a very thoughtful gift.

7 – Once you have given Dad a Modern Tie for Fathers Day he has the Knots, you can then simply add more ties that match for other occasions like Christmas and his Birthday.


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Here at Modern Tie we know that Fathers Day is a huge day and we really want you to have the most special gift to give your #1 Dad. We care so much about Fathers Day that we looked up the Origins and learned that Fathers Day started more than 100 years ago in May of 1909. Sonora Smart Dodd was sitting in church and decided to honor her father. As they say the rest is history.

Fathers Day Gifting Guide:

What to get dad for father’s day is a question we all ask ourselves every year. Along with a Modern Tie there are other things you can pair with our Modern Tie to make his day even more special. You can get dad a nice pair of cuff links, or a really nice belt. These are gifts that pair really well with the Modern Tie that we have created. Giving dad a Modern Tie for Fathers Day will surely be the highlight of his day. You will watch the magic on Fathers day when dad get the new Modern Tie and he puts it on and realizes that you spend the time and effort to get him a gift that he will cherish for many years to come.


Modern Tie is the best fathers day gift of 2019! We have asked many people and everyone who has given a Modern Tie to their dad is coming back to get more. That is the best part of gifting is when you buy your dad something and then he goes back and buys even more. That means you have hit the Fathers day Jackpot!


Happy Fathers Day! We hope you have the most special day ever!