Modern Tie - Worlds First Magnetic Necktie

Modern Tie is the Worlds first magnetic necktie. It was designed to be able to mix and match the styles quickly.  How we were able to achieve this is by adding two magnets.  The first magnet has a hidden compartment inside the unit knot that is hidden.  The second magnet connects to the tie portion.  With the strong pull of these magnets we are able to get close to 10.4lbs of pull force.  
Modern Tie has the patent on magnetic neckwear.  With our styles you are able to mix and match your look in seconds.  We have tested and it typically takes a guy close to 60 seconds to tie a tie.  We are able to switch our Magnetic Necktie over 25 times in that same timeframe.  Making it so we can easily make your morning stress free on your way to work.  
Magnet Neckties are the way of the future. Having material around your neck squeezing you is so uncomfortable.  If you try wearing Modern Ties Magnetic Necktie you will find out what you have been missing.  
Modern Ties Magnetic Neckties use two nickel plated magnets to pull the two magnets together.  In the image below you can see how this happens.  


Magnetic Necktie by Modern Tie


We pride ourselves on making the best Magnetic Neckties in the world.  We know that we will continue to make neckties with magnet connections in all different shapes and sizes and in all different materials.