As an artist I'm always looking for new ways to express myself. Lets face it, as men our choices are limited when it comes to accessories. At first I thought the nostalgia of tying a tie would be something I would miss. After wearing your companies magnetic tie one time I was a believer.  I'm still surprised at how many compliments I get when wearing these ties. I would guess it's because the knot and tie are made of such different materials. It really pops. People ask me how my knot is so perfect perfect. Then I unhook the tie from the knot and laugh as they pick their jaw up off the ground. Don't even get me started on the comfort! Modern Tie has changed the game. I'm excited to see the progression of knot and tie designs. I even painted one of the white knots and it looks awesome. See my attached pics. Your designers should think about adding a water color collection:) Just a thought. Anyways thanks for creating such an innovative concept. I would have never imagined myself being this excited about a neck tie.

Kaito Lee

The Stripe Of Pearl tie is unlike any tie I've ever seen or worn. A co-worker didn't think it would be dressy enough for work. Now we both own several haha. What I love about your ties is I can wear them to work with a black shirt to look professional or wear it on the weekend with a grey flannel shirt to be more casual. Super versatile! The solid black tie goes good with every shirt I own. I love how sleek the knot looks. It makes a great impression and gives me a great talking point. The fact that no material goes around my neck makes it much more comfortable and less hot in meetings and in the hot weather. I'm in real estate so I'm always out in the heat so it's a welcomed feeling losing the extra material. Anyways, thanks for the reinvented tie. I'm going to buy more when the next collection is released. Let me know if you need any pictures of people wearing the ties.

Ryan Taylor