These ties are the real deal...handsome, versatile, one-of-a kinda. Investing in these ties is a no brainer. There's sliced bread, and then there's Modern Tie. Thanks for creating such an incredibly unique and attractive product!

Jessica T.

Obsessed with these ties. Everytime I wear one people freak out and love it when I show them how they work. So unique and stylish and I want to buy all the different patterns and knots!

Josh J.

So excited to see all the different combinations you can come up with! These things will make you the most stylish guy around!


I am lucky that I got to try this tie out early. Guys, it is SO awesome! It looks good and it feels good. Great product!

Dan M.

I love these new ties. My friends and family have asked me about them and when I show them how it works, they are blown away! Great stuff you guys!

Charlie K.

It looks great, it is simple to use, and my husband loves it! I can't wait for you guys to do a kids line, it will be so much easier for my boys!

Kristy S.